Belle Bash Summer Series at Chautauqua Lake

Past "Cruisin' Artists" on the Belle from 2016

Butch Trucks & Freight Train Band

Founding drummer for The Allman Brothers Band, Butch Trucks is joined by Berry Oakley Jr. on bass and vocals. Berrys Dad was the original founding bass player of The Allman Brothers Band and this union between Butch and Berry Jr. marks the first time in 45 years that an Oakley and a Trucks are performing together again on the same stage. Not only does Berrys bass playing run in the vein as his Dads, but he also does it with his Dads famous, one of a kind Fender Tractor bass guitar that was used on all the early Allman Brothers Band albums and tours.

World renowned blues guitar slinger Damon Fowler brings his highly acclaimed guitar playing and vocals to the Freight Train stage as well. Damon has recently released his fifth full length album to the delight of worldwide audiences. Keyboard master, Bruce Katz, who has appeared on over 72 albums, joins The Freight Train directly from his recent touring duties with The Gregg Allman Band. Rounding out the band is the young and very talented Heather Gillis, whose vocals, guitar playing, and performance tie together this amazing representation of the past, present and future of Roots Rock and the Blues. All aboard for Butch Trucks and The Freight Train! ...READ MORE HERE:

Nikki Hill

Raised in the church choir and steeped in R&B and garage rock rumble, Nikki Hill is a spitfire with the soul-drenched voice of Etta James and the tattooed, beehived-hair aura of Cramps guitarist Poison Ivy. Just a couple years ago, Nikki Hill was a bartender with an affinity for punk and a deep love for classic R&B. At her husband (and now guitar-player) Matt Hills behest, she stepped out from behind the bar and onto the stage. The response has been ecstatic, and now the band tours the globe relentlessly, stunning audiences with their muscular sound, Matts volcanic leads, and, of course, Nikkis inimitable charisma. ...READ MORE HERE:

John Nmeth

Boise, Idaho is hardly the place anyone would conjure up as a hotbed of soul-blues. But for John Nmeth, it's where his love for the genre began - and the starting point for a journey that's taken him from his first gigs fronting a teenage blues band to five Blues Music Award nominations in 2013 alone. His most recent release, "Memphis Grease" embodies everything that sets this artist apart from the soul-blues revivalist pack: it's innovative and unique while epitomizing the absolute best of the genre. ...READ MORE HERE:

Dana Fuchs Duo

Dana Fuchs is a phenomenon, a singer whose mesmerizing voice and presence has led critics to compare her to Rock Legends from Janis to Jagger. Her entire being becomes her instrument on stage. Make your way to see her in person any way you can. Not only will you ache from shaking your ass all night, but your life will be touched and you will be better for it. ...READ MORE HERE:


The Chautauqua Belle is an open-air Mississippi River-styled steamboat that has operated on Chautauqua Lake since 1976. Launched as part of the area's United States Bicentennial celebration, it is one of only five authentic passenger sternwheel steamboats operating in the country today.

Enjoy a 3 hour cruise aboard the Chautauqua Belle and have fun with family, friends, and the new friends you are sure to meet! Join us for one of the following Belle Bash Summer Concert Series and themed cruises! We have a full-service bar for you to enjoy your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.