Do we do more than just book the talent?

Yes, we are a full-service entertainment production firm. We can further assist from the time an offer has been accepted, through the contract and Entertainment’s Rider negotiation…to full day-of-show oversight, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.  As well, we can help source the appropriate surrounding production needs, such as sound, staging, lighting, security and catering for your event.

We have also worked with the many professional ticketing companies including Ticketmaster, ShowClix, Ticketfly and Eventbright to name a few and can share the pluses and minuses helping you to make the right choice for your event.

As well, we have had great success with Sponsorship acquisition and can help you develop sponsorship concepts, including both initial concepts right through the fulfillment process.

What types of venues have we worked?

We can build a show from the ground up at any venue type, large or small. We specialize in outdoor areas for Festivals and Rally’s, Convention Centers for Association clients, as well as Hotels, Clubs and Theaters for Corporate and Private functions!

How soon should I start looking into booking entertainment for my event?

We suggest you start 9-10 months prior to your event if possible, so you have more of a selection to choose from as opposed to waiting a few months ahead of your event. If you are on a weekend, keep in mind the weekend dates are the anchor dates for bookings, and there are only 4 Saturdays in each month.

Who should we book?

Each event/venue is unique in their entertainment needs. We consider budget, logistics, geographical area, and being realistic when it comes to suggesting what you should book.

You will never find one of our sales staff trying to put a square peg into a round hole. We rely on our experience with artist, in regards to ticket selling ability, as well as using industry research tolls, such as PollstarPro for artist tour history of ticket sales. Facebook for geographical purposes, along with Youtube and artist websites for research.

Do we need liability or other insurance for our event?

Yes. Each venue, event are unique in their respective ways. Everyone booking entertainment needs to have liability insurance. We highly suggest if you are doing outdoor events, you look into Event Cancellation Insurance, and Rain Insurance as well.

Will an entertainer do radio/tv/newspaper interviews?

This varies on the entertainer of course, but most artist are willing to do a limited number of call in’s prior to the engagement to the radio station or newspaper who are helping the event promote ticket sales. Our publicity/marketing staff can assist you in this.